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Autism Assessments Online  

How it works

Autism  Assessment   £950.00

Are you starting to think that some of the struggles you've faced in life are because you think you may be on the spectrum? Danielle Hampson specialises in providing assessments for people over the age of 16.. Danielle has extensive experience of working with autism particularly those who have lived their adult lives unaware that they are autistic. An assessment can provide you with the clarity you need to accept yourself and start living a life filled with potential. All assessments are carried out by Danielle who has authored books on Autism, including Am I On The Spectrum? Iam on it and so are you?

No referral is needed to access an assessment. It is advisable to start off by taking the free online screening test below.  A full assessments that Danielle can provide is available if you are over the age of sixteen and who are of average or above average intelligence.  Danielle provides an ADOS-2 Gold Assessment, which is internationally recognised and is generally regarded as the gold standard of Autism diagnosis.

Please note, if you require a full psychiatric diagnosis (which may be required to access support within certain organisations, workplaces and providers, and may identify other psychiatric conditions), you are advised to access support through your GP or pursue a private psychiatric diagnosis.

What is an Autism Assessment?

It might help to know that people seek out assessments for all kinds of reasons including facing long-term mental health issues, discovering they're the parent of an autistic child and because they're on a long waiting list for an NHS diagnosis.

Research backs up what my clients tell me every day; receiving a diagnosis helps them accept who they are and is the first step in living happier, more fulfilled lives.

An assessment will tell you whether you have autism and what level of autism you have. Empirically tested diagnostic tools are used during the assessment process, including the ADOS-2 which is the gold standard.

All assessments are carried out by Danielle Hampson who is an Autistic woman, researcher, author and ADOS-2 Practitioner. 

An assessment is different from a clinical diagnosis available from a Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist, which would include information about other conditions you might have. Many people choose an assessment over a full psychiatric diagnosis because they can do so without a referral, the wait times are shorter and it is a more affordable option. If you wish to use your assessment for support at work or in an educational establishment, please ensure the organisation is happy to recognise an autism assessment as opposed to a full clinical diagnosis.  Please email me for availability and or use the pay now button and i will message you my next available time slot. 

The appoitment will include an 1-2  hours consultation Via Skype and i will explain how it works moving forward. Your full report results will usually take 7 days. 

Danielle knows how hard it is to come to terms with being autistic, particularly as a late-diagnosed adult, and of the life affirming changes that a diagnosis leads to. 
Danielle makes sure the diagnostic process is as comfortable as it can be and your included every step of the way. We'll have a catch up by phone or email after you receive your report to check that you're happy with it, so
that you're included in the final report. Danielle believes everyone's an individual and it's important that your voice is fully represented in your report.

What does the Assessment Include:

The ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) is a semi-standardised assessment used across the UK as the gold standard to investigate a number of areas of development:

  • Social communication (language skills and features, gestures, conversation)

  • Social interaction (eye contact, facial expression, back-and-forth interaction, emotional understanding, knowledge and understanding of relationships and social response)

  • Restrictive and repetitive patterns of interest (imaginary thinking, any overriding / specific interests, sensory differences and ritualistic behaviour).  

Fundamentally, the ADOS is a tool to assess for the possibility of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and the results need to be verified by an ADOS-trained practitioner Danielle Hampson .  

Behaviours are ‘scored’, providing an indication of the likelihood of ASD diagnosis criteria being met.  This assessment does not, on its own, diagnose for ASD. It would typically be used alongside a medical / developmental case history from family members as well as information from other settings, such as school or work, to inform the diagnosis process. It does determine strengths and challenges, and the person who administers it would typically provide recommendations on the basis of what they’ve observed - e.g. difficulties with emotional understanding or reporting events clearly.  Please note this is a fully comprehensive diagnosis and is reflected in the fee.  A Full diagnostic report will be emailed to you upon completion.

If you have an any immediate questions about the assessment please contact Danielle Hampson by email:

Please note that I use Skype for the consultation as Microsoft Teams does not work well for me.

Once booked and paid for Danielle will contact you with a suitable time for the assessment please provide your email address and dates of availability. Please email Danielle in the first instance.


Autism Screening TEST

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